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Client Bill of Rights

“Imagine a world where integrity and transparency in financial services were the rule rather than the exception”


We believe a promise made and soon forgotten isn’t worth a thing. That’s why at TrueWealth Financial Partners we clearly outline and deliver to every client a “Bill of Rights”. Knowing the level of service you can expect as a client is vitally important to a positive outcome from day one.

Tailored Guidance:

Before making any recommendation, our team takes the time to understand your unique goals, needs, and risk tolerance. Having an advisor that takes the time to truly listen to your specific needs allows for your investments to become uniquely aligned with your goals and values.


Often in the financial services industry clients feel they are not being told the full story. We believe that everyone should have the right to a transparent dialogue throughout the full financial planning process. Cutting down on financial advising jargon allows for clear and concise answers about portfolio construction and costs.


The last thing anyone wants is their private information being shared with a 3rd party. That’s why we protect your personal information to the highest standards put forth by the SEC and FINRA. No exceptions.


We believe having a coach means having access when you need them most. I can’t tell you how often we run into folks who haven’t heard from their “advisor” in years or have a computer managing their money that can’t answer the phone when they need a question answered. That’s why our team offers a minimum yearly planning session to every client as well as optional quarterly check-ins.